Configure Think Fixed Mail, Contacts, & Calendars on iPhone or iPad

From the home screen, tap the Settings app.

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Tap Add Account

Tap Exchange. 

Kerio Connect uses Exchange Active Sync to provide mail, contacts, and calendar synching.

Fill in your email address, password, and an account description. If you have more than one email account on your device, the Description helps you distinguish between accounts. 

Tap Next when you are finished entering your information.


Fill in for the server address. This is the address that you use when checking your email through webmail.

Domain is optional. You can leave this field blank.

Your user name is your whole email address.

If the password field is not populated already, type it into the password field.

The account Description should reflect what you filled in on the previous screen, but you can change it here.

Tap Next when you’re finished.

If you entered anything that is not correct, you will see an error message. Check for typos, and re-enter your password.

If you entered everything correctly, you will see this screen. Here, you can decide what services you want to use with your account. To send and receive event invitations, you will need to have Calendars turned on.

Tap Save when you’re finished. 


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